Route to mental peace

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Look around us, everyone’s rushing to achieve success in professional or personal life. Wanting to go out on vacations, try exotic food, explore the world, get new possessions, glamorous looks, seeking out partner and what not. Comparing, envious, even jealous with a desire to get more out of life leaving them unhappy and dissatisfied. Oblivious of the fact happiness is not the answer to dissatisfaction, peace is. Peace is in our minds and not in fancy possessions, vacations or new experience. Many of us conk out in achieving a peaceful mind.

Try these to live in more peace

Feed good food to your Mind

What you eat is nutrition of the body, what you see and hear is nutrition for the brain. Saying no to junk is important, watching and reading dramatic, sad, lustful and crimson content can darken the mood. Unfollowing pages of such content and viewing happier content can boost the mood.

Romance is on the mind of most individuals, as depicted in shows and movies. Everyone loves the idea of being with someone seeing people in relationships. Giving a desire to indulge in such behavior and need for a partner. Making us feel incomplete and less satisfied with ourselves.

Knack to learn

Kids have a will to learn and grow, with aging the will to learn declines. The feeling of I know better and ego grows in us, lowering the chances of better personality and self-being. Adopting a healthy attitude to learn and grow more, is helpful in countering ego and temper issues. Wisdom and knowledge open the gate to introspection, allowing you to evolve. Gifting the tendency to hear and bear better.

Embracing the solitude

If you constantly feel the need to hangout with bros and girlfriends this is for you. Being with yourself allows you to form and organize your thoughts and emotions better. Spending time with people all the time adds layers of personality of others on to you. We all need time to remove negative colors picked by us from others and find your true self. Going for a walk alone and doing some activities all by yourself makes you confident and self-reliant.

Cut down on negativity

Observe the environment and the people you are with. A closer look to this can give you great detail of your current mental status. Avoiding situations with people who invite trouble and assessing the outcomes of your acts can help in avoiding a great deal of trouble. Reduce spending time with people holding ill, greedy and hurtful intentions to live more peacefully.

Picking up good habits from your peers is a good practice, always provides you with someone to look up to.

Learning to be happy, not to be rich

Most of us have more than required and a decent standard of living, but our attitudes of wanting to be rich with possessions are making us poor in the abstract. An approach to adding means for attaining goals rather than complaining about what not provided is required. A person is rich in the true sense who has satisfaction with what they have and drive to pursue what they want.

Being present

Being present in the moment rather than living in your head is important as what’s real is important than what you are thinking could have been. As it gives unrealistic desires and expectations becoming the reason for unhappiness.

Developing a habit of willfully listening to others instead of, wanting to always be heard and assuming I m right and I know better.

Making these small changes can result in big results and change our approach from lookout for happiness and something new to a peace-seeking and appreciative mind. As our approach should be-

“Aim for peace not happiness, as happiness prevails where peace resides.”

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