Gautama Buddha and His Teachings on Life

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Buddha Purnima is commemorated across the globe to mark the birth of Prince Siddhartha Gautama, later the Gautama Buddha—the originator of Buddhism.

Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, was born to a noble family in present-day Nepal more than 2500 years prior. He lived a life of privilege and leisure until one day he left the royal residence and encountered out of the blue, an elderly person, a wiped out man, and a cadaver.

Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment under the Bodhi tree and helped millions of people to end their suffering and attaining the state of Nirvana.

Buddhists and his followers globally celebrate this day by prayer to the lord and following the path of the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. Buddhists trust that nothing is fixed or lasting and that change is continuous. The way to Enlightenment is through the training and advancement of profound quality, meditation and insight.

Lord Buddha’s lessons can be seen as a passage which helps in making an immaterial human search for enlightenment.

Buddha Purnima is observed in many Asian and foreign lands too, such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Indonesia, Nepal, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia, Canada, USA to name a few, however, in different ways may be.

Here are some of the teachings and quotes by Gautama Buddha that will make you wiser.





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