How to Fall Asleep Fast, Tips and Tricks

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Are you one of those people who have trouble sleeping at night? Sleeping is your body’s way of recovering and re-energizing, it is the time when your body functions rest off and relax for the next day’s actions. Sleep performs a crucial role in thinking and learning.

Sleep is one of the most significant parts when it comes to good health. Not getting enough sleep makes you less healthy, less attractive and grumpy. Try these hacks to have improved sleep quality and fall asleep fast;sleeping-tips-and-hacks1) Do not browse through your phone or computer just before sleeping, it’s light can disturb the sleep cycle.

2) Try to drink Coffee only in the morning.

3) Take 10-12 deep breath before going to sleep, this is a tried and tested method.

4) Think about 3 things you are grateful for before going to sleep, this will soothe your mind.

5) During sleep avoid charging your phone in the bedroom as the constant notifications from the phone can disrupt your sleep.

6) Start Yoga or meditation in the morning.

7) Have a bedtime routine, keeping a regular sleep schedule is Important.

8) You can have a bath, preferably a warm one.

9) If possible try to keep your room temperature cool.

10) For better sleep, use a high-quality mattress and comfortable pillows.

11) You can drink warm milk and eat bananas before going to bed.

12) You can use neutral or calm music to avoid noise pollution.

13) Apply something like light lavender scented to your room.

14) Eat Breakfast in the morning avoid large meals at night.

15) Don’t try to force yourself to sleep.

Sweet Dreams!!!

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