Super Weird Facts of Super Famous People

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We know these people, we get inspiration from them and idolise them but they are humans too. They too have a side of them which is funny and not flawless, hence making them human just like us. The habits might be stupid but, these habits make us love them even more.

Steve Jobs:

-> When in stress, Steve Jobs liked to soak his feet in the water. Well, it is not weird at all; we all have our ways to deal with stress. Unless he used to soak his feet in the toilet water.

-> Steve Jobs experimented with his diets a lot. When he was a vegan, he believed that not eating meat has freed his body of all the toxins and hence he does not produce any odour. Hence, he had stopped showering or using deodorants. While his co-workers totally had a different opinion about it.

-> For an unknown reason, he did not like to have a license plate for the car he drove. Hence, he found a loophole where the state allowed someone to not put a license plate till the first six months of purchase. So he started leasing 2 different cars early, though same model and manufacturer.

George R. R. Martin:

-> He published his first novel The Dying of the Light, in the year 1977. He used an old DOS machine and WordStar 4.0 back then. Yes, he still uses the same to write his books. He apparently has a different system for using the internet, checking email, paying taxes etc. You may now know the reason behind the latest book is a bit late.

-> Are you a nerd for his stories? Well, that is because he was a nerd himself. In the year 1964, the first ever Comic-Con happened in New York. Yes, you guessed it right, he and his fellow nerd friends were there. He bought the very first tickets of the very first comic con. Maybe that is why he is so good with nerds today.

-> He digs comic books. During his childhood, he collected a lot of them and eventually gave up and sold his collection, where he made a profit. It was even before Marvel existed. He again started collecting comics as soon as Marvel came, he still owns the very first Spiderman comics from 1962. Also, the first ever Fantastic four comics. Both the comics now are priced in millions. Prize possession which can fund a whole retirement right?

Tom Cruise:

-> After reaching Thetan VI level in the church of Scientology, Tom Cruise started believing he can heal sprained joints, cold, fever, soared throats by the touch of a hand.

-> He is famous for doing his stunts himself, but did you know, he actually held his breath for 6 minutes underwater during a famous sequence in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Also, during a shoot of The Last Samurai, his mechanical horse malfunctioned and his co-actor Sanada swung his blade at a wrong time. He managed to stop it just an inch away from his neck.

-> In the year 1994, he earned his pilot’s license and even flies his Gulfstream G450 worth around $38 Million, whenever he feels like.


-> The only white person who made it to the cover of “The Source” and “XXL”, Eminem got his name due to his initials Marshall Mathers. He always wanted to be a comic book artist.

-> When criticised by media and fellow artists for writing Homophobic lyrics. Eminem explained that his different names have different persona and character. Slim Shady is the persona of anger. Eminem is just a rapper while Slim Shady is the attitude behind it. Marshall Mathers is what he is at the end of the day. Hence when he raps he speaks as a character, not his personal opinion.

-> For many rappers who want to get signed for Shady Records, they have to pass just one test: Rap Battle Eminem himself.

Christopher Nolan:

-> The legendary director, who planned Inception for 8 years, actually was colour blind and was not able to differentiate between Green and Red. The worst part is: He himself could not acknowledge it till a long period of time.

-> Apparently, he is known for his brooding and cold nature. He calls himself quite a pessimist who has disappointed many. But, weirdly enough he was the one who invented the fun game Jenga at the age of 12. Seems quite self-contradicting. But the game was already in the market hence he got no money for this idea.

-> The dual citizenship holder, who grew on both sides of Atlantic (UK and USA), was a big-time lover of the James Bond series. Also, he was not ashamed of asking funds from the audience itself for one of his movies when the shortage of money occurred. The movie made was Memento.

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