Beautiful Post About Self Love You Deserve

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Self-love is the answer to good relationships, happiness and success. There are times when you are wholly blissed out and in complete love with yourself. Admiring your looks, adoring your own body, your smile, the hairs, and every little thing just the way it is.

Those are the moments when everything seems to be completely fine about you and others. This world seems absolute, the moment seems like there are no issues to deal with, no fear, no misery, everything you want is there. You are grateful for everything you have no more demands left.

Have you ever paid your attention to such moments?

Most of us don’t even pay attention to such moments. The only time they pay attention to any moment is when they are in some sort of misery or the circumstance is not in their favor. But that’s a very normal behavior of our self and our minds it’s the way we are conditioned through our lives. And there is nothing wrong in being serious in such situations.

But here the point is “What will happen when you pay your attention to those moments when you are happy?”

Without any loss, you will come to know about the trigger points of your happiness(What makes you happy). You will come to know what is self-love, how loving yourself can be the best thing you can offer to yourself and much more.

So essentially we are constantly seeking for approvals, appraisals, compliments, justifications from others. There are very few times when we do this to self and take time for self-appreciation.

When you are constantly gazing at everything from other’s perspective gradually the vision starts distorting. As a result, there comes self-doubt, insecurity, misery, self-hatred.

The moment there is a shift in your perspective. When you start looking at everything from your own perspective and not from other’s eventually everything that seemed to be awful about yourself turns wonderful.

Just stand in front of a mirror and have a look at yourself how beautiful you are. Look from your own perspective don’t judge yourself on behalf of others. Never think from this mindset that how I’ll look to them? Do they like me like the way I am?

“They” are no one to tell you who you are. Put such questions aside just embrace every little thing you got, be grateful for it.

Do you know why “The best selfies are captured in the bathrooms”? Not because of the good lighting because there is no one to judge you there. You can be your real self just the way you are.

We are so accustomed of it even when there is no one to conclude anything about you, You keep judging yourself at every point and that too from others perspective.
One thing you must understand is that there are millions of people out there and you can’t match everyone’s perspective.

Before you leave I must tell you. Yes, you! “You are beautiful just the way you are!”

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