DIY Hacks to Make Everyday Life Easy!

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Everybody wants a sorted life, dealing with small petty things on a daily basis is much more irritating than sometimes facing bigger issues. These petty little things consume more time comparatively and distort us from our work.
Likewise, there can also be a case when these daily life problems can even ruin your day. Therefore, getting rid of these problems would be such a blessing that everybody is pleading for.

Hence, we bring you some of the DIY Hacks that one can use in their everyday lives so that it becomes a little less messy. Here are 10 life hacks that will make your life easier, happier and comfortable.

1. Getting bored! wanna watch movie, TV Episode or stream something online but don’t have a mobile stand. Need not to worry, use some of these ideas to create your own mobile stand anytime and anywhere.

2. Don’t want to see your shoes getting dirty rub some bee-wax or candle’s on them in order to make them waterproof.

3. Clean your shower head by hanging a bag of vinegar solution overnight and remove it the next morning and see the change, the shower head is now all cleaned up.

4. Use the paper clip or hair clipper to get rid of the headphone wire or cables that can take a long time to untangle them, this untangling can even irritate you.

5. To keep your banana fresh and away from ripening just tie a piece of silver foil or plastic wrap on the banana stem, and see they’ll be fresh for weeks.

6. The best way of eating a popsicle to avoid any spill over.

7. Feeling thirsty but don’t have something chilled to drink, don’t worry just wrap a bottle with a wet paper towel and keep it inside the fridge and wait for few minutes to get a quickly chilled bottle.

8. Fed up with the leakage of a dustbin, just add some old newspaper at bottom of the basket in order to absorb all the food juices from the waste.

9. To peel boiled egg’s shell easily, add a teaspoon of baking soda and do it effortlessly.

10. Use a half pool or padded noodle to protect your car’s door from getting slammed against the wall.

11. Always getting lost in finding the right key. Worry no more just apply different coloured nail polish on every key respectively so that next time you won’t have trouble in finding them.

12. The right way to squeeze lemons so that you don’t have to apply too much efforts.

13. No Nutella is finished until the jar is cleaned. Put some ice-cream or milk when the jar is empty to properly clean the bottle and enjoy its taste.

14. Use pen spring at the cables end to avoid them from getting bent or broken.

15. To keep your pot from boiling over, put a wooden spoon over the top of it. If it starts to boil up too high, the spoon will pop the bubbles and keep it from overflowing quickly.

16. Travelling in a car can be so thirsty sometimes, having drinks on the way can kill your boredom so even if you don’t have a cup holder still there’s no problem because you can come up with one.

17. While ironing shirt flip it inside-out so that you can iron properly even on the button side and using a hair straightener can also reach out places where iron can not.

18. Before going out take a picture of your refrigerator so that you don’t have to struggle with what you have to buy and it can also save a lot of time.

19. Have a bad cough at night? Apply some Vick’s Vapour Rub on your feet and put socks on to make a cough disappear.

20. If your wooden drawers are getting hard to open, take a candlestick and apply it to the tracks of the drawer as it will to move smoothly.

21. If you have bad-smelling shoes, place a few dry tea bags inside each shoe to absorb the smell. If your shoes are not just smelly but also wet, fill them with a mixture of rice and baking soda and leave for a few days.

22. Not a morning person, trouble in getting up early morning, put your phone into a drinking glass or a bowl to boost the volume of its speakers.

23. Forgot to brush your teeth or ran out of toothpaste, chewing an apple can help with bad breath.

Comment down below your life hacks if we missed any.
Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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