Perks of having Awesome Roommates

Leaving home for higher studies or maybe for a new job is one of the hardest things to do. We all have been wrapped up in the warmth of our parents’ love since childhood and then there comes a time when we have to move out of it. There are zillions of things that bother us but there is one thing that matters the most to each one of us equally, and it is “who am I gonna share my room with?” We all have our little tantrums that make it difficult to live with someone else. While it’s great to have your alone time, sometimes all you want is to feel that you’re not alone.

The moment we meet our roommate whether at the hostel or flat or PG thoughts start running in our minds. We start analyzing and try to gel up with that person.  Some of us might have never shared the room before going to college and it’s a new experience altogether.

I have been a little lucky when it came to sharing my room or flat during college and now also when I am working. Well, my experience has taught me that having a roommate when you’re young is totally fun and rewarding in many ways.  Here are the reasons why you should go home today & hug your roommates for being Awesome.

You’ve someone to lean on after a long day

Imagine coming back home after a bad day at work and then spending the night on your own. Seems depressing right? Now imagine having someone at home who is ready to listen to all your rants and make you feel comfortable. That’s what roommates are for; bad day or a great day you have someone to share your day with. It’s really comforting to know your roommate would be home any minute and then you will be fine.  Or if you are super upset you could jump into bed with her/him with a glass of beer or wine and watch some comedy movie to lit up the mood.

You get to split bills and you can save for one more Vacation

Everything is cheaper when you are splitting the bills. Cost of additional necessities also like cleaning supplies is almost halved. Since you’re splitting bills, you’ll realize that people depend on you to pay on time and it makes you financially more responsible. You can learn to keep a record of your expenses. I understood the value of money only when I started to pay bills on my own. And well since you’re able to save a little extra you can go for a vacation with your roommate it might help to make the bond stronger.

You have someone by your side during Sickness

Living away from home sucks but it gets worse when you fall sick. And lying all alone on the bed waiting for some miracle to happen is not a good idea. When you have a roommate he/she will be sitting by your side may be putting a cooling pad on your forehead or holding your hair back when you’re throwing up. You might also get some scolding for being careless which will totally remind you of your mother.

You have different skills set to fix Household Problems

The biggest disadvantage of living alone is being dependent on yourself to fix the day to day problems. When you’re living with roommates each one of you has different skill sets. One of you might be good at cooking other knows how to keep the house clean or may be expert at managing daily expenses and knows when to order groceries. That’s how you learn to adjust and work together to run a house. It’s also super good when your roommate isn’t afraid to kill a cockroach. (Well my one roommate cooks really good food and other one keeps a check on expenses so I get to chill little extra.)

The size of your Wardrobe doubles up or may triple up

When you’re bored with your own wardrobe you always have another wardrobe to invade. All of us know the value of an additional wardrobe. During the crisis when you do not have anything to wear your roommate lets you choose from his/her collection. Even if you are not exactly the same size as your roommate you figure out ways to fit in.

Life won’t seem too scheduled

When you’re living alone, you probably have a routine. Eat, Work & then Sleep at 11. With a roommate, you’re more likely to stock up on Maggi at the supermarket at 10 PM because you have planned to watch a horror movie together. A roommate can help take you out of your comfort zone and always ready for a sudden adventure.

You always have someone to give the second opinion on your decisions.

Trust me when I say to listen to your roommate’s opinion it can save you from a lot of hiccups; that’s my personal experience speaking. Relationships, career, party outfit, how do you look, what to buy for your brother’s wedding or whatever. Your roommate has seen you grow and knows you better than anyone else.  They can give a genuine opinion on your biggest decisions of life. They will also save you from feeling like shit after you decide to take that one more shot or continue working in the same company. You can also have a pep talk whenever you’re feeling low.

Your Friends Network Grows

Her/his friends are your friends and your friends are her/his friends too. In fact, in my case, my brother knows my roommates’ friends and vice-versa. It is the best part of staying with roommates you get to know all the friends of each other and it adds more fun in parties and trips. His or her friends will get to know you better when they start spending time at your place. You also get in touch with people with different work background and all the cool stuff you didn’t know before.

You will Grow Together

Work buddies, college roommates, live-in partners or just-met during house hunting- living with roommates is always a fun learning experience. Living with someone else allows both of you to learn things about yourselves. You’re forced to be neater, more considerate and start caring for others.

Whether you’re cleaning together, complaining about office work, or learning how to cook without setting off the fire alarm, you’ll grow as a person through your daily interactions with your roommate. You also learn to compromise a little to let someone else in your living space comfortably. I learned to care about someone else and know they cared about me too.

They know how weird you are but still choose to love you

You have hunger swings at mid-night while your roommate is trying to sleep you poke them to fulfill your late night food cravings. Your roommate knows how much you hate making weird noises while playing games on play station but still they do the same to annoy you. Also, do you remember the last time you got drunk and started to blabber your sad love story; your roommates had all the patience to listen to it (even when they wanted to enjoy their happy high). That’s what roommates are weird, annoying and yet adorable.

What’s your experience with the roommates? Share this with your roommate to tell them how lucky they are for having you as a roommate or just send it on to your ex-roommates whom you still miss. Be nicer to your roommates they are your family away from home.

We could learn a lot from crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull while others bright some have weird names, but they all have learned to live together in the same box.” – Author Unknown




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