What’s It’s Like to growing up with Siblings

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People who have the happiness of sharing their lives with a sibling or siblings may tell it is the best thing in the world. They have somebody to play with, fight with as a kid and look up for advice as grown up.

For every one of you out there sharing your life with a sibling, like me, I know you’ll relate to these things that describe what growing up with.

“You don’t generally require a ton of companions when you have siblings in your very own family.”

“The elder one’s clothes/toys/ books were re-used by the younger ones. We always optimized the cost of living.”

“Fights are normal, 3 times a day at least. Patch-ups were even more frequent. Fights never lasted more than a night.”

“You’re adopted. Don’t even pretend to lie that you never were told this by your sibling.”

“Hiding the TV remote so your sibling can’t change the channel.”

“When your siblings try to blame you for something but they get in trouble instead.”

“Fighting over who mom loved more.”


“When your mom is scolding your brother over something you did and you are watching trying to act like you innocent.”

“You love your sibling no matter what.”

“When you have been seeing for something for days and your sibling had it the whole time.”

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