15 Ways to be a Timeless Gentleman in Modern Society

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Ill-mannered, Indiscipline… Are these words reflecting you in front of the world??? A true gentleman is respectful to everyone near his surrounding, to women whom he is dating to the elders who need help with their groceries. To be a gentleman you need to be polite, self-aware and mature.

These tips will guide you on how to be a gentleman to enhance your life personally and professionally.

1. Respect
Respect doesn’t mean always to women it refers to parents or any elder ones although he/she is only 1-year elder to you that doesn’t matter. Always respect and listen to them, without ignoring and servicing them in a bad manner.

2. Speak less do more
If you speak too much and do less that will be only a waste of time and energy. Don’t admit or accept the challenges which are out of range instead of speaking so much about them you can start working on them with patience and on the right time “Let your action speak yourself.”

3. Punctuality
Punctuality is the true symptom of a real gentleman. It shows how responsible and dedicated you are really towards your work. “Always be on time.”

4. Importance of goal
Having a goal in life will help to run a target life no matters how old you are, always make your goals and live an on-path targeted life.

5. Always hold the door
Hold a door for everyone whether it is of a car or any gate .if you are with someone who is elder to you or with any woman or girl or a child, always hold the door for them.

6. Present yourself in a decent way
Presentation is an important point to be noticed by everyone. It will give the first impression to the other one.

7. Financial mindset
Think to save, to invest, not to enjoy that much of your salary, which can make you broke. Always try to invest your savings.

8. Addiction is not allowed
Drink, smoke or any other drugs are harmful to health. If you are not addicted to any of these that’s great. A gentleman never gets drunk because a gentleman should never lose control of his senses.

9. Sincere in spite of being selfish
You can’t be sincere if you say you love chocolate when you actually hate it. Try to be sincere to yourself, grab your opportunity. But don’t snatch it from your others.

10. Way of pronunciations
Pronunciation of the words should be clear and well-spoken fluency, whether it is your mouth-tongue or general English.

11. Smell nice
Use fragrances, deodorants, perfumes to smell good for long-lasting hours.

12. Be a Family person
Showing love, care, and extra concern for those who are closest to you (and maybe even raised you!) is one of the best things you could do to become a better person.

13. Always admit your mistakes
Instead of arguing on a mistake made by you try to admit it at once and work hard for the second chance.

14. Stay positive and believe in you
Don’t lose hope if you have failed once. Being positive helps you to lift up yourself instead of dragging you down.

15. Do for others
Social work will add to your virtue. Do social work, donate money, your blood and support others. As it is said, no one ever has become poor by giving.

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Janhavi Mishra

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