Top Magazines For Women Who Wants To Cultivate Their Own Style

The magazine can never go out of trend no matter how digital and modern fashion trend will become. The latest magazine with a hot cup of coffee on a red couch, on Sunday, will give surely you the #fashiongoals. From the past few years so many fashion bloggers, influencers, on social media are showcasing the world about the latest fashion.

But the magazine has always a different impact from our childhood. Most of the fashion magazines are filled with nothing but celebrities. So now let’s look at some of the top magazines throughout the world which can be followed for fashion statements and updates.

1. Vogue

Vogue was first published in 1892 as a weekly newspaper which converted into the top forever trending fashion magazine. It has always been on top in spite of having so much competition in the market, Vogue always on number one position from then. Although it is unisexual but covering the gorgeous models of the eras.

2. Elle

Elle means “her” in French. Yes, it is a French magazine that started in 1945. Spreading fashion statements to each corner of the world, it has been published in more than 40 countries in this world, with millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

3. Harper’s Bazaar

This American magazine was first published in 1862 as a weekly newspaper then turned into monthly hot selling magazines and now on social media, blogs. This magazine remained headquartered in New York and currently publishing in more than 30 countries.

4. BoF – Business Of Fashion
This magazine is all about setting trend, how much what trend, how different patterns in the market make their own places and how much all this cost. This tells the true economy of the fashion industry which was first published in 2007.

5. W Magazine:

An American magazine first published in the year of 1972 featuring lifestyle, controversial fashion, latest outfit, street style and many more.

6. InStyle

It is not only trending fashion magazine but also lifestyle teller, it is publishing across 16 countries.

7. Allure

Allure is an American magazine covering the main focus on topics like skincare, healthy skin beauty makeup trend, and tips.

8. Numéro

The main aim of this magazine to convert fashion magazines as a conceptual intellect for women who are reading magazines as a fashion showcase only. It develops intelligence towards lifestyle.

9. V Magazine

Founded in 1998 gaining popularity since then. It prints weekly trending patterns, different styles, interviews, and tips from models.

10. Grazia

The first edition was started in 1938 printing about fashion, lifestyle, and arts with current affairs, news, and economy.

11. Marie Claire

This magazine not only covers topics like styles, fashion designers, design of the day, outfit for the week but also speaks about the beauty of women, the art of creating the content of fashion.

12. Vanity Fair

First published in 1913, printing about the lifestyle trend, luxurious living with the beauty and trending fashion.

13. Cosmopolitan

Short named as “cosmo” just like its name it’s the center part of the attraction for every woman in sight of fashion trends.

Try not to be hesitant to experiments, since, by the day’s end, your outfit should be an impression of your persona. You go, girl!

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