Nothing Can Beat the Taste of These Hot Snacks in Rainy Season

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Who doesn’t love rains, is all about enjoying the weather with family or loved ones. Monsoons are a breath of fresh air and relief from a long and really hot summer. Suddenly everything around us looks much greener and the aroma of mud awakens all our senses. Most of us welcome the rainy season with open arms and along with an intent to indulge in mindless munchings.

We automatically want food that keeps us warm and satisfies our craving. Next time it rains, make these delicious snacks and relish the weather.

1. Pakoras:
Potato, Onion pakoras are everyone’s favorite, with green chilly chutney or tomato sauces along with Chai. Hands down! There is nothing better than this combination in monsoon season.

2. Maggie:
Maggie lovers what do you say? An all-time favorite, cup noodles or soupy Maggie with vegetables and some Indian spices makes us all crave for Maggie in the rainy season. Enjoy your monsoon with Masala Maggie.

3. Sweet Corn:
Boiled sweet corn or “ Bhutta” with chat masala and lemon… if you are a traveler you must have definitely tried this while your trek or trip. This thing is surely a bliss.

4. Samosa:
We all have that childhood memory with so-called “Samose vale bhaiya”. Samosa with stuffed aloo, mixed with red and green chutney is mouth-watering food in the season of the shower.

5. French Fries:
Mac French fries?? Believe me, homemade French fries are the better option for this season. Enjoy the large container of it with your siblings or cousin while watching the television.

6. Bhel Puri:
Chatpati Bhel Puri with a combination of several ingredients like namkeen, peanuts, chilli flakes, spices, and the tamarind chutney is worth trying this rainy season. There is nothing better than eating some spicy Bhel Puri.

7. Coffee with Potato Chips:
A hot cup of coffee with the Potato chips is what we all need at a break time. Really! Do you think so? Should we have it only at breaks, well not for me! This monsoon meet and talk with your loved ones over a hot cup of dark coffee with Potato chips.

8. Sandwiches:
Grilled sandwiches, sweetcorn sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, Bombay masala sandwiches and many more flavor are waiting this rainy season. Crumb-fried crisp sandwiches stuffed in between grilled slices of bread is a snack to chase away in the rainy season.

9. Rolls:
These are easiest to pick and available. Veg rolls, Paneer roll, Kabab roll, Kathi roll, Chicken Shawarma and there are many more you can have on your table with a red-chilly sauce and a glass of coke.

10. Popcorn:
Popcorn is not meant only for movies, you must think of it for this rainy season. Grab it with a coke and this perfect combo will make your day.

All you Momos lover please stand up! This heavenly small piece of food is a true delight whether it is fried, steamed or any other. Without a doubt, this snack is the one of a guilty pleasure for most of us in the rainy season.

Janhavi Mishra

Janhavi Mishra

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