Is Green Tea Better for Weight Loss Than 30 Min at the Gym

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When it comes to weight loss it is also one of the most effective teas. This is because green tea extract is amazingly high in catechins, which are normal natural antioxidants that can improve your metabolism and improve the burning of fat, particularly in the belly area.

From ancient times, the green tea has been used for medical purposes such as to heel wounds, control over the bleeding to basically regulate the heart normal and many more. Here are some more interesting facts as well as benefits of green tea, that surely will give you enough reason to start green tea as a beverage on a regular basis.

1. Reduce the chances of getting a stroke
Having, Green tea on a daily basis reduces the chances of getting a stroke. According to the study “it may help lower the risk of stroke by adding daily green tea to your diet”.

2. For weight loss
Mostly fatty people are aware of this fact that green tea is an essential part of their lifestyle. It can lose your weight overnight. Yahh..! I know it unbelievable but its a fact. Having green tea on the daily routine you can lose your weight. It boosts the metabolic rate and increases fat burning overnight.

3. Faster the brain functioning
Presence of Caffeine results to improve the functionality of the brain. It contains amino acid in an amount enough to produce the effects.

4. Lower the risk of cancer
Cancer is basically uncontrolled growth of cells. Green tea can lower the risk of breast cancer, Colorectal cancer and few other. Green tea can prevent you from having the world’s leading causes of death.

5. You can live a happy as well as a longer life
Yes, this is true studies has proven that the normal drinker of green tea will live a better, ordered, happy and healthy life than to those who don’t take it. It can lower the risk of death such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and many more.

After hearing so much about it, and according to some studies it is recommended to all the world that a cup of green tea in your lifestyle will result in a happy life. The combination of green tea and daily exercise may lead to improved fat-burning and notable weight loss — more than green tea solely.

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