13 Foods to Avoid Before Taking a Long Flight

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Are you going to fly for the first time? Anxious? You must know that flying above 30,000 feet can make your digestion even difficult for your body. Many of us don’t know what food should be avoided before takeoff. Vacation, trips or business meeting can excite you but here are some tips that you should keep in mind before flying. Make your trip comfortable and relaxed by knowing what are those foods which should be avoided before long hours of flying.

1. Fried Snacks
These are high fatty foods, contain sodium in a good amount, and usually take more time to digest compared to others which cause fluid retention. Fried food also constricts the body flow at the high altitude which may lead to deep main thrombosis (DVT).

2. Garlic
Air planes do not have the same air pressure as on the ground. Therefore, eating garlic and onions can cause bad breath and that smell can be uncontrollable for neighbouring passengers. Although you have chew gums or mouthwashes to reduce the effect but avoiding them is a better option.

3. Alcohol
It has been noticed that people usually consume alcohol while traveling but before flying is the bad one. Dehydration is one the main reason to avoid alcohol while taking flights. The airs in the chambers of flight are humidified and alcohol can cause dehydration due to non-availability of fresh air.

4. Broccoli
Air pressure decreases inside the cabins. By eating broccoli or cauliflower you may feel uncomfortable or bloated due to compressed air.

5. Soda
Soda is another beverage which is highly recommended to avoid during flights because as the air pressure changes in the cabins and soda present inside your body lead to gas or make you uncomfortable.

6. Apples
Apples are considered to be healthy food but as it is rich in fiber, that makes it difficult for the body to digest quickly and ultimately lead to gas or bloating.

7. Sugar-free gums or candy
Sugar-free gums or candy contains artificial sugar as it is indigestible for the human body and cause a stomach problem in high altitude.

8. Coffee
You might be addicted to coffee, but drinking coffee before an hour of flying results in feeling anxious or dehydration in the body. Moreover, it will make your trip to the bathroom more frequent.

9. Mexican or spicy food
Mexican foods are spicy enough and no doubt has a good taste. But eating Mexican food or highly spicy food cause heart burns in flight.

10. High salty
Highly salty snacks like various kinds of chips which comes in plastic covering generally contain high salt and consuming added salt before flying may lead to fluid retention.

11. Nuts
Nuts such as cashews, almonds etc are the source of rich fiber. The problem starts when the gas expands inside the intestine under the decreased pressure of flight cabins that can make you feel uncomfortable, anxious.

12. Carbonated drinks
These beverages contain sugar in high amount and consumption of carbonated drinks causes the gas problems in aeroplanes.

13. Beans
Beans are highly rich in fibre, eating them in a highly pressurized field of compressed gas surrounded by many people can give you bloated feeling. It’s better to avoid beans on the flight.

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