7 Unique Museums Around the World to Visit Once in a Lifetime

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Museums are places where the collection of the items are kept in the showcase and which tells us about the great history. It is basically the institution that conserves and cares about history and it exists for the purpose of education, study and enjoyment. Museums are for history lovers? Do you think so…No not exactly! Museums can be about different things such as art, natural history, science, national history.

If you are thinking about some boring historical museums then, once have a look at these museums around the world. These are the most interesting and unique museums.

1. The Louvre, France


The Louvre museum is located in Paris, has the glass pyramid on the way of entry. It was built in the 12 century, you will travel into the period of the French Revolution. It really has the epic collection of art based on the combination of Egyptian sculptures and Mesopotamian antiques and French romantic painting. It is the most visited museum of all time.

2. Cancun Underwater Museum, Mexico

This is an underwater museum having the sculpture over 500. This museum is built beneath the water of Cancun National Marine Park with the three separated galleries which have the same route but different adventurous scuba ride or you can enjoy on boats with the glasses.

3. British Museum, London

This British museum has purely the collection of natural history and epic library stock. The happiest thing about this is that it is free of the cost. The major attraction about this place is that it ends your curiosity, you will find all your answers related to the culture and where it originates from.

4. Torture Museum, Netherlands

If you haven’t visited here then this has to be going on your list for the next vacation trip for sure. This unique museum is in Amsterdam and is based on the era of the medieval period. This is one of the most famous places where tourists love to visit every year. This place has more than 100 unique things that will give you Goosebumps.

5.  The Egyptian Museum, Cairo

The Egyptian history is famous of all time and the most interesting part of it is the treasure of great Tutankhamun’s tomb and Mummy Room, the secret of the mummy, we all want to know. Visit it at least once before you die so you could feel the real existence of mummy.

6. The State Hermitage Museum, Russia

Hermitage is the second largest museum in the world, founded in 1764. It has the largest collection of art and painting. The major attraction is the Stone Age items and the golden rooms which are cheery on the cake that includes this hermitage in the most unique museum in the world.

7. The National Archaeological Museum, Greece

Greece history is famous among all; the treasure of Greece gods and much more. This museum definitely has to be on the list of those who admire the masterpiece art collection of ancient Greece. The beauty lies in the great bronze sculpture of Artemision Poseidon from the 5th century B.C.

Which museums have we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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