ICC World Cup 2019 Facts That You Might Not Want To Miss

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The ICC world cup is the most awaited cricket event for all of us. The period of 4 years is a long time and many changes come in a particular team as a few team captain gets change, some players are replaced by another. This year world cup had a lot of turning points and definitely got us into the rollercoaster ride. While watching this amendable series we got to know that your hard work is equally important as your luck.

If you are a cricket you might have noticed some interesting facts related to this years ICC world cup 2019.

1. No grouping

The 2019 Cricket World Cup group stage was played in a round-robin league format, with all 10 teams playing each other once in a single group.

2. The highest price of money
For this year ICC has decided the highest money prize to winning team that is $4 million and it is the highest amount ever offered in the history of cricket tournaments.

3. Players who played their last ODI world cup
Players like Mahendra Singh Dhoni from India, Lasith Malinga from Sri Lanka, Chris Gayle from West Indies, Shoaib Malik from Pakistan, Ross Taylor from New Zealand following by Amla and Steyn played their last ODI world cup.

4. New record of the most scored century
Rohit Sharma holds the new record of making the most scored century in the one tournament. He holds for five centuries and 648 runs in nine games just lack 26 to defeat Sachin Tendulkar on the list.

5. Indians have occupied a great amount of stadium
As Indian fans know and willing to see their blue t-shirts with the Tiranga at the finals, they pre-booked 48% of the stadium very earlier and as it was unexpected loose. The most unexpected winning for the team New Zealand and England their nation fans request Indian fans to sells them their tickets.

6. The unbelievable super over
For the first time in the history of the ICC world cup, there was a tie between both the finalist i.e, New Zealand and England. Further super over was organized for them and by luck, this super over was also a tie and then the decision was made in favor of the team with the most boundaries.

7. The man of the tournament
Kane Williamson, the captain of New Zealand was the man of the tournament. There is no doubt that New Zealand cricket time fought like true fighters and Kane’s contribution to his nation and his team was extremely marvellous.

8. Political agenda
Unknown air crafts with aggressive political messages crossed over the stadium while the match days.

10. MS Dhoni Gloves
There was a huge noise in the social media when MS Dhoni wasn’t permitted to use the gloves with an emblem on it.

11. Grounds
11 Cricket Grounds across the country are chosen to conduct the matches.

12. The Ultimate victory
Both the teams have never lifted up the trophy and they played like the true champions and the ultimate trophy was lifted up by the team England on the basis of the most hit at the boundaries.

Ben Stokes was adjudged Player of the Match and he walked away with a trophy and a watch. Only one has to win, for New Zealand, it was too close but better luck for next time.

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