Shane Watson Batting With Bleeding Knee Shows Passion Towards Sport

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The Mumbai Indians (MI) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) played out a standout amongst the most stunning finals ever of Indian Premier League (IPL).

While Chennai may have lost the victory in the close game, Watson efforts have earned praise from all directions. Cricket fans were left awestruck after they saw Chennai Super Kings’ batsman Shane Watson putting all his efforts in the IPL last against Mumbai Indians with a bleeding knee. He scored a magnificent 80 out of 59 balls.

In spite of bleeding from around knee area after making an extreme dive, the former Australian international kept hitting and almost took his team home.

Picture of Shane Watson showing his trousers stained with blood around the knee region is going viral and commented upon on social media. Fans and cricketers are showing their praise for the dedication as well as devotion to his team’s cause.

As information shared by Harbhajan Singh with a picture showing his knee covered in blood, the cricketer got 6 stitches.

Let’s see what Twitter has been saying,

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