Do You Know How The Night King From GOT Looks Like

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From a long time, fans have been sitting tight for Game of Thrones’ Season 8 and ‘winter’ did finally came but not for too long. Who thought the Night King will be defeated so easily all thanks to Arya.

From the past 10 years, he had been giving fans the anxiety and fear whenever our adored character got close to the Night King.

Still ‘Battle of Winterfell’ has been remarkably the great episode and Internet can’t stop talking about this. However, some fans are not happy with the death of the Night King as they were expecting a more classic ending.

The Night King mounted the whole army at Winterfell and died like a fool. He took his complete race with him, and we never discovered anything about them besides “White Walkers are bad guys.”

But do you know how the greatest enemy of Westeros, mass murderer, ice dragon rider Night King looks like in real life? You will be stunned to see his pictures. But not to forget whoever does the prosthetics for GOT should be given a 100 percent raise.

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Vladimir Furdik, who has played the character made the Night King very frightening but also a hell lot interesting! With one of the brutal villains finished, we’ll just have to wait for coming events to discover!

Valar Morghulis!

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