Sonu Sood showed us an unexpected act of kindness


For being a superhero, you don’t need to have special powers or have to be of some other account, and Happy New year actor Sonu Sood well justified this statement. Sonu Sood, who portrays himself as a villain for livelihood, is more than that in real life.

In situations created due to sudden lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sonu Sood came forward as a help handing to the stranded migrant labourers stuck in Mumbai. After seeing the number of migrants losing their jobs due to lockdown and compelled to walk more than 1000 kilometres to reach their hometown, Sonu Sood along with his childhood friend Niti Goel decided to send the migrants to their native places on their own expenses.

He started by distributing the food packets and groceries to slums and various stranded people on roads. On the 11th of May, he arranged his first bus for the immigrant labourers. Before the bus took off, Sood broke a coconut wishing all the travellers a safe and happy journey. He has been helping the immigrants to return to their hometowns since then. With
the pictures started surfing on the net, Sonu Sood has turned into a real superhero. The governor of Maharashtra Bhagat Singh Koshyari applauded the actor’s efforts in helping the stranded migrants on twitter. The actors cheerfully replied to the governor’s post by saying that he would be working harder for these migrants. Sonu Sood has been following the footsteps of his late parents- father Shakti Sagar Sood and
mother, Saroj Sood. Sood has always generously held out his hand in times of such needs.

Sonu Sood said in an interview, My mom and dad were the major inspirational pillars of my life. They taught me that you’re successful only if you are able to help someone.

He has dedicated himself to many selfless deeds like helping the underprivileged through diverse means. He even lent his voice for the cause of fighting drug addiction in Punjab. He launched an initiative named after his late mother “Saroj Initiative” for the facilitating acid
attack survivors and has since committed to rendering his service to these acid attack survivors and the differently-abled people.
When asked how long he will be doing these selfless deeds, Sood replied by saying until the last of the labourers reach home to their families, he won’t stop.

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