Everyday Awkward Situations We All Have Experienced

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Being in awkward situations is a way of life for some people. But for normal people, some everyday situations become too awkward to handle. Here are a few very common everyday awkward situation that you must have bumped into. Check these out!!

14) When you begin chuckling extremely hard and nobody else is interested.

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13) When your stomach begins to make noises in the middle of a quiet room.

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12) Unintentionally grabbing the hand of store administrator who is giving change.

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11) Falling asleep in an inappropriate place.

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10) You’re acting to talk on the phone, and suddenly it rings.

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9) Somebody is conversing with you over the urinal and you turn to answer.

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8) Waving back at somebody, then realizing they weren’t waving at you.

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7) Doing something stupid and your friend overlooks it, making you seem like a real a-hole.

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6) Taking a dump at someone’s place and it was noisy.

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5) Saying bye to someone and realizing you two are going in the same direction.

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4) Bumping into the Mannequin and saying sorry

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3) When the waiter serves you food and say “enjoy your food” and you reply to him you too.

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2) You are watching a movie and suddenly BAM, your parents arrive in a long kissing scene.

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1) Abusing your friend on phone and accidentally found out it was his father.

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I hope this won’t be awkward to share. Let me know if something weird happened to you recently. Our audience will laugh.

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