11 Pictures That Show Life Would be So Boring Without Cats

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Cats are most charming four-legged animals with a talent for getting into mischievous situations for most of the time. They can be a jerk and are great in pissing you off but whatever they do, we people will pardon them and they know this for a reality.

Faltu Saala loves animals, look at these cat pictures that show how adorable cats can be. This article will keep your mood up for the following 2 days. Prepared to check?

“Are you done getting your freaking internet points Karen?”
byu/Slothkitty infunny


Prettiest flower in the garden
byu/DannyHallam incats

My Wife and My Cat
byu/Jake5857 incats

Relationship goals
byu/DannyHallam incats

“We can’t keep it.” -my dad 10 months ago
byu/pinche_whey incats

There are two types of people.
byu/mdanger88 incats

[deleted by user]
by inaww

OMG! It’s A Clone ! ! !
byu/jayworka11 infunnycats

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