Perfectly Timed Photos That Are Amusing

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You don’t have to be an expert photographer to take a perfectly timed shot. Some of the time you simply need to be in the right spot, at the perfect time with a handy camera. That is how lucky shots go viral and become famous.

Here at Faltu Saala, we’ve collected some hilarious, perfectly timed photos that will encourage to get you inspired.

So furry. So relaxed. from funny

I say… This cheese is exquisite. from pics

This could not have been taken at a better time from funny

I made a little friend during my lunch break today! Am I a Disney princess yet? from aww

hmmm from hmmm

How the airplane trail lines up with the roller coaster from oddlysatisfying

Hmm 🤔 from funny

Look at these puppers I found on the internet from aww

hmmm from hmmm

Basketball to the face from PerfectTiming

Just another wedding in russia from PerfectTiming

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