Groom reaches at his wedding after 6KM heavy snow trek

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Marriage is definitely not a simple event in India! Bride, Groom and their families need to experience a great deal to turn even a simple marriage into an effective one. A similar sort of battle was fought in Uttarakhand’s Rudraprayag when fresh snowfall in the region tossed a groom-to-be in an unordinary experience with his relatives, walking more than 6 km in dense snow to attend the wedding ceremony.

In the beginning, about 80 relatives and friends of Rajnish Kurmachali leaves the Triyuginarayan village to go for his wedding at Makku Math, but due of heavy snowfall and shut down roads they get stuck in rush hour traffic.

The family at that point decides to send only the groom and the important people required for the rituals like groom’s maternal uncle, sisters and some elderly people to the ceremony. The family starts to stroll more than 6 kilometres to reach their destination.

Discussing the incident with Hindustan Times, Ashish Gairola, groom’s cousin said “We had seen a wedding procession like this in 2002 and now this was the next one. People will talk about this procession and the wedding for years as in both the weddings the groom was an army jawan.”

When being asked whether their 6-km long voyage was troublesome for the family, Gairola stated, “If you see the pictures then you would question whether they were even feeling cold, forget difficulty. My eight-year-old son played with snow throughout the way.”

As per the reports, Mangesh Ghildilyal, district magistrate of Rudraprayag hailed the family’s choice to walk through as a reasonable one and said “We received information about this wedding where people had to walk all the way. It is good that they walked, as due to continuous snowfall, there are high chances of an accident as cars can skid.”

Certainly, the groom’s village stayed out of power for as long as a week and even carrying out daily routine proved to be a difficulty for the residents.

But thankfully, even all of these issues couldn’t discourage the groom and at last transformed these happenings into an effective wedding with a cheerful adventure.

The groom genuinely remained with his words, Ek baar jo commitment kardi na, toh uske baad mai khud ki bhi nhi sunta!


Image Credits: Hindustan Times
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