5 Essential Apps You Must Have On Your Phone

No doubt our life has evolved with the digital platforms. Especially when it comes to mobile apps, no one can deny for sure..! As of now, we have apps for everything, this has truly made our life flat as a pancake. Our lives have a considerable footprint of applications that have helped a lot in several genuine ways. We may start our counting by downloading productive apps that have helped many people to get out of stress and depression.

In this century, having an android mobile phone in every hand is no longer a big deal. When you have a mobile phone along with an internet connection, you can have fun from any corner of the planet, without even stepping out of your place. You only need to install essential applications to organize your day to day life. Look at the seven most basic apps in my bucket, which today I have bought for you all. You’re missing great fun if you haven’t installed these apps yet! 


1. VLC Player

This app allows you to watch high-resolution movies and videos right from your couch. This player not only supports most of the file formats but also features videos with subtitles ease along with adjustable sound settings. The app will double your fun experience as it offers live streaming videos, because of this, the player holds position number one on our list.

 2. Any do

Any do make your tasks well scheduled in a proper scheme. It helps you to line up all the jobs of a single day with proficiency. Any do give you the option to manage your daily activity. Download this app to turn your messy routines into tidy ones. Again a single app is not enough to bring such a significant change until you want, so together with the help of to-do app-level up your productivity.

3. Cam Scanner

Many apps let you use your mobile camera to digitize paper files, but very few are as adept and dynamic as CamScanner. This app offers crop features that intensify images in just seconds, leaving you with the best digital file that is aligned and easy to read. You don’t have to bother about space in your memory as it can merge the documents and deliver them in PDF, JPG format.

4. Pillow

 Once you download this app, you can check out your sleep hours. All you need to do is enable a few settings in the app and let the app take over the controls of the sleeping time. If you have fallen under the somnolent category; then believe me this is a gem for you. It is insightful to see a record of daily sleep hours, and later on, you can evaluate your productivity.  

 5. Pixlr 

Social Media is captivating for all of us these days. Oh, Come On! I am also a social media enthusiast and would love to update post photos regularly. Pixlr is the one-stop destination for all of us, and you will get all attractive filters and other editing tools which will enhance your photo’s quality. Pixlr helps you to make a collage with various grid patterns and allow numerous decorating features. 

As I tried to cover one essential mobile apps that smoothens our lives to an extreme level, although many come in trends and many turn outdated. Keep in touch to follow the latest trends around the android planet. Make comments if you feel like that the missing app should be on the top of the list.

Janhavi Mishra

Janhavi Mishra

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