Stress Buster: 5 Quick Exercises To Help You Relax

Who else doesn’t want a fit and slim body with zero figure.? If you wish the same, then you’re absolutely on the right page. Due to lack of time, we forget to take care of ourselves, especially if you’re a working person. Today I will be going to share a couple of tips that not only shape your body but also help relieve your stress within minutes. Here are five essential Yoga tips which you can do anywhere on a regular practice every day for a good and healthy life.

I can assure you that these quick tips will blow your mind once you follow it regularly.

  • Quick Head Massage
  • Quick Body Shake
  • Stretch from Ear to Shoulder
  • Neck Rolling
  • Simple Jaw Release

 1. Relaxation by doing quick Head Massage:

Yoga is simple and the best method to remain healthy. For this activity, you don’t need an exact place. This can be done while you’re on the parking lawn or even stuck in the traffic jam.

Keep your head straight right, raise your arm, spot the palm on your head, massage gently with circulation motion in a clockwise direction, and just keep yourself calm and relax.

2. Quick 2 Minutes Body Shake :

Indoor activities may tend for the body into a frozen state, which can be harmful to your body parts. Still, generally, 90% of people ignore. Quick body shake is mandatory and has to be done within every 2 hours of continuous work. The steps you should follow to do this are given below.

  • Stir your body in a straight position.
  • Keep your head, neck, and spine in a row.
  • Keep your one hand just on the upper body.
  • Make your body shake, just like no one is watching you.
  • Do react like a mad person.
  • Make your body loose and feel the joy.

3. Stretch From Ear to Shoulder:

Probably we take no notice of the stiffness we feel on the shoulder after sitting for long hours. And once it starts paining if we take so, more and more we often take 2 minutes to break, but this is not sufficient? You have to take care of that before it turns into a nightmare. Anyone can suffer through collarbone arthritis if ignored the pain regularly. So take action before it’s too little. Don’t panic.! All you have to do is to put small efforts by following these steps.

  • Keep your neck, spine, head, and back all upright.
  • Breathe some air, moving your shoulder up to your ears.
  • Hold the posture for a few seconds to a minute. The maximum you can do the better for you.
  • Breath out and put your Shoulder down back.
  • Repeat the steps several times until you feel relaxed.
  • Feel the energy by stretching your spine.

4. Neck Rolls:

Weight over the neck randomly increases when we hold a lot of stress and tension. If you’re sitting for long and working on a desktop you may feel heavy around the neck, just relax your neck by doing simple steps.

  • Keep your back and neck straight, breathe in, and tilt your neck back by lifting up the chin.
  • Stretch for a while, and hold your neck with the same posture for a while.
  • Retain the position by doing vice versa.
  • Move your head along anti-clockwise and clockwise both, and keep yourself relaxed.


5. Simple Jaw Release:

This tip is mainly for the one who won’t speak too much, either the one who is very talkative or their job is supposed to do, for example, if you’re public speaker, consultant, customer care consultant, teacher, singer, lecturer, journalist, newsreader by profession.

Have you ever felt the sharp pain in the jaw? If yes, so this one’s for you.

  • Sit straight, by keeping your back and head erect
  • By holding your jaw with the three fingertips on one side and thumb on the other, look for the muscles which are giving you pain.
  • Massage gently with the needed pressure.
  • Slowly Increase the pressure.
  • Open up your mouth for 10 sec, then close.
  • Repeat his steps Several times to get rid of this pain.
  • That’s it! Feel your jaw without any pain.

What can I do more to stay fit? Physical activities can help you stay more healthy and fit.

Janhavi Mishra

Janhavi Mishra

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