How to Save Water in Daily Life | Tips for your Home

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70% of the earth is comprised of water, yet just 1% is effectively available to us. Water is such a rare asset and with increasingly more news on regions battling with water deficiencies and dry seasons, sparing water and utilizing it all the more effectively has turned into an unquestionable necessity.

Regardless of whether your home has a plentiful supply of water, saving water and reducing wastage turns into a common duty towards society and our future generations.

Read this blog and attempt to implement the following water saving tips in your everyday life. Remember to share with your loved ones and do your bit to help in saving the water. It can begin with simple steps that can bring about a tremendous difference.

1) Fix your Leaks
Known or deep breaks in taps, pipes, and toilets can result in up to 11,000 Liters of water being wasted. You can regularly check all your shower fittings for any leakage and get the leaks fixed at the earliest.

2) Turn off the Tap while Brushing your Teeth or Shaving
A normal tap or faucet throws roughly 10 litres of water each minute. So don’t leave the tap open while brushing or shaving.

3) Turn off the Tap while Washing your Hands
Try not to leave the tap running while you’re cleaning your hands. Wet your hands and turn off the tap, turn on the tap when you have to wash.

4) Minimize the use of water for our everyday life exercises
Rather than washing your grass or vehicle with a water pipe, utilize a container to clean them. Try not to utilize a line pipe while watering your plants; prefer a sprinkler or a bucket and mug.

5) Re-use RO waste water
Are you using an RO water purifier at your home? At that point, you should know about the extreme wastage of water. This water can be used to watering your plants, washing your vehicle or floor wiping.

6) While washing dishes
When you are washing dishes by hand don’t leave the water running for flushing. Fill off your sink with water or utilize a large container or bucket for washing the dishes.

7) Avoid using a bathtub, instead, use the bucket/shower as much as possible
Remember to turn off the shower while you soap yourself. Furthermore, if you don’t mind, keep your shower time short and quick On the off chance that you don’t have a shower, fill a bucket of water and use as little water as you can to scrub down.

8) If possible, consider buying a dual-flush toilet
A dual flush toilet primarily comes with two flush alternatives: a half flush for fluid waste and a full flush for solid waste.

9) You can avoid shampooing your hair every day
Washing your hair requires an additional amount of water so you can decide to wash your hair on substitute days or following a two-day gap.

10) Stop the Overflow
Practically all homes and commercial premises in India have overhead tanks for water storage. We can easily stop the overflow from our water tanks and save hundreds of litres of water daily.

11) Rain Water Harvesting
Save Water whenever it is raining in different Container, so that street animals can drink water or it can be used for any other purpose.

We all know these little practices still, we fail to act. Do your bit to conserve water.

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