Martyr’s Day: Life Lessons from Teachings of Mahatma Gandhi

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There is no better time to discuss the Mahatma than now when such a large number of Indians are having misguided judgments about the Mahatma. The country that can’t see a genuine diamond that it gave and now is at the risk of rotting.

To this day, his legacy and everything he has contributed can be found in all walks of life. His life and lessons are an incredible beginning of motivation for the present youth. He was such a symbol for the young that demonstrated the soul of magnificence and approach to freedom for Indians.

His weapons ‘Satyagraha ‘ and ‘Non-Cooperation’ are as yet important and are admired by many great Leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and so on.

These great leaders have been following Gandhism ways and ideas to advance country improvement, improve government incorruption, and investigation and public corruption out in the open life.

Here are 10 Life Lessons from teachings of Mahatma Gandhi that will lead to a better life:

1. Try not to chase material possession
Be warned that your life is very important and not to waste in following material belongings. Discover more joy today by seeking “better,” as compared to “more.”

2. Eat simple food and in balance
Eating in regulation can work for you. Take your time to learn how to follow it properly, in a method that best fits in way of your lives and preferences.

3. Try not to Stress over little things
Try not to stress yourself unreasonably, everything will work itself out, just live step by step and most importantly keep a positive attitude. As it is stated, “do your best and forget the rest.”

4. Think positive
Filling your head with more positive thought will roll out an enormous improvement to how you see things. Reviewing your own reasoning abilities and finding better approaches to join a progressively inspirational attitude into your life can be an incredible start.

5. See the good in somebody around you and try to help
We are on a course together and we have so much to teach one another. When we search for the positive qualities in others, as a general rule, we find positive qualities in ourselves.

6. Forgive
Forgiving the other individual is a superb method to respect yourself. It asserts to the universe that you have the right to be happy.

7. Live like there’s no tomorrow
There will be high points and low points along the way. Try not to stress over bad news, anticipate good news and trust in the best.

8. Stay grounded
Treat yourself with care and stay grounded by calming your emotions, controlling choices even everything around is spinning.

9. Don’t let others influence your mood and actions
Despite what any other person does or says, we can generally take the more ethical route – we can generally keep on acting with integrity and kindness.

10. Change yourself before you try and change others.
Know when you are pointing the finger outside of you. Go inside and study to that part of you that is inclined to judge outside incidents as bad.

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