Things Your Boss Say To You And Meaning Behind It

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The connection between a boss and their employees can be twisted. There are more chances of the existence of ‘Unicorn’ than a fun boss. Have you ever felt when you are doing great work but the boss never notices? No matter how happy or good you are in your job, there will be always one boss that will make your life miserable. But hold on you are not alone we all have been there!

Can you see your boss saying something similar? Here is a list of the funny things your bosses say to you and the hidden meaning behind it.

“I would like to give you a raise, but I can’t my hands are tied”

Meaning: I don’t want you to grow still if you want a raise you have to win the world cup, go to Mars, and come back.


“Let me check and get back to you”

Meaning: It is a polite way of saying I have got better things to do and I would barely see this.


“Work smarter, not harder”

Meaning: I don’t have any idea how to be more efficient.


“Get Well Soon”

Meaning: But you are coming to the office right? or Hope to see you in office by *insert the earliest day*


“This is not what I asked you to do”

Meaning: I want you to keep busy in nonsense changes. I don’t like smart people.


“Do it any time you want”

Meaning: I just want to show you that I am the considerate boss. When the time will come I will show the real colors and say your time is fine but stick to mine.


“Oh, you’re leaving on time today?”

Meaning: Maybe his work pressure is less, let me add some more tasks and set deadlines.


“I used to manage all these things myself when I was new here”

Meaning: Praise me! Praise me!


“Be Proactive, not reactive”

Meaning: Gossip and share your personal stuff (food, music and talks) so I can go ahead and start liking you or do extra work for which you are not paid.


“Think out of the box”

Meaning: I want to take your opinion because I don’t have any


“Please do the needful”

Meaning: I’ve no idea what/how/when to do, but you do it anyway and ASAP.


“Keep me in the loop”

Meaning: I don’t care about these unnecessary emails but when the time comes I can blame you for the shittt!!


“You are smart and have the potential”

Meaning: The elite and favourite line of bosses to get the best performance when projects are close to the deadline.


“The experience that you’ll be getting is priceless”

Meaning: Startups favourite, We will be paying you less than your skills is worth to the company, but don’t worry, you’ll get lots of exposure


“I have a great opportunity for you”

Meaning: Here’s an additional project I am Handling over to you because no one else wants it.

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