15 Most Popular Instagram Destinations In The World

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If are taking an epic trip and didn’t post about it to Instagram, did it ever happen? Mm-hmm… Like it or not Instagram has changed the face of travel forever with nearly half of all millennial travellers choosing their destinations based on Instagram ability.

Travel photography is nothing new when you experience something unique, you normally want to share it. How about we see most Instagrammable places on earth.

1) Machu Picchu, Peru
The lost citadel of the Inca stood out as truly newsworthy around the globe in 1911 when American traveler, Hiram Bingham, published the first photos of a noteworthy archaeological discovery using his Kodak Panoramic camera.

2) Spirit Island, Canada
Spirit Island is crowded 365 days a year by camera-toting tourists. Even more popular option is to adjacent Lake Louise, acclaimed for its turquoise waters and notable red kayaks. The crowds are intense yet the lake is sufficiently enormous for you to locate your own calm corner.

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I was prepared for the chilly boat ride down Maligne Lake, but I wasn’t prepared for the mind blowing beauty around Spirit Island. Even though I had seen many beautiful images of the area, nothing beat actually seeing and experiencing it for myself. Have you been lucky enough to visit Spirit Island? 🏔❄️💦 Taken October 7 2017 Nikon D5500 Nikkor 18-140mm f13 01/40s ISO100 ~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~ #jaspernationalpark #explorejasper #spiritisland #explorealberta #mthrworld #earthpics #longexposure #nikoncanada #naturephotography #earth_shots #parkscanada #instagood #photooftheday #beautifuldestinations #enjoycanada #awesome_earthpics #createcommune #albertarockies #canadianphotographer #amongthewild #outside_project #canadianrockies #dailyviewalberta #loves_landscapes #splendid_mountains #canadasworld #explorecanada #canada #planet_locations #bns_earth

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3) Eiffel Tower, France
Eiffel Tower is possibly the most visited building in the world. So if you don’t want to be cliche you might have to get creative to shot photo.

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Another Eiffel Tower picture? Yeah because I know you like it as much as me 😍😍😍 . I’m not too motivated to shoot lately and I haven’t been very active on stories because I don’t have much to share right now But I’m starting to organize my next travels and plan new content, find new spots, etc.. . Are you more spontaneous or very organized? ✨ . 📸 by @helowise • • • • • #sheisnotlost #wearetravelgirls #ladiesgoneglobal #darlingescapes #femmetravel #girlslovetravel #sidewalkerdaily #thetravelwomen #globelletravels #igersparis #dametraveler #topparisphoto #girlsborntotravel #parismonamour #parismaville #travellushes #girlsmeetglobe #loves_paris #igersfrance #super_france #pariscartepostale #eiffeltower #visitparis #hello_france #toureiffel #paris_focus_on #instaparis #sheexplores #mylittleparis

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4) Los Angeles, California
A huge number of travelers come to LA consistently to visit places they’ve found in the motion pictures, from the Hollywood sign to the Griffith Park Observatory and the Santa Monica Pier.

5) Venice, Italy
Most visitors push for a spot on the bridge above the Grand Canal. So if you want it to yourself, you’re going to have to get there before sunrise.

6) New York City
The New York City skyline is world famous for good reason. But taking an elevator to the top of the Empire State Building is going to cost you at least $57 and your valuable time.

7) Taj Mahal, India
Built to honour love, the Taj Mahal is now one of the most photographed structures in the world.

8) London, England
Obviously, you need Big Ben, the famous pinnacle over the Palace of Westminster. Take an ideal shot from the scaffold of Westminster in the sunset.

9) Singapore
The most well-known shot is from the infinity pool on the highest point of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel another option is Cloud Forest in Gardens By The Bay.

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Garden By The Bay – Singapura 📍🇸🇬 . FALAA SEGUIDUCKERS, antes de contar pra vocês quanto fica em média os gastos em Singapura, vamos falar desse jardim ESPETACULAR!! 😱❤️ . Esse é o Garden By The Bay, onde você encontra 100 ha. de jardim com mais de 160 mil plantas sendo 200 espécies. E pra entrar é GRÁTIS. Só paga se for entrar nas duas estufas (28dólares) e subir na ponte (8dólares) que tem entre as Super Trees (Árvores gigantes). 😅😬🤩 . QUANTO CUSTA VIAJAR PARA SINGAPURA⁉️ . Como todos videos e post eu sempre digo: DEPENDE muito do seu estilo de viagem, mas vou colocar uma média aqui. 👇🏼👇🏼 Lembrando 1 USD = 1,34 SGD . ✅ Vôos: Saindo do Brasil, por volta de 3.000 – 7.000 reais. O interessante seria ir pra Tailândia (Bangkok) ou até mesmo algum lugar pelo Sudeste Asiático e fazer um stopover em Singapura, ficando 2,3 noites por aqui!! 🤩😅 . ✅ Acomodação: Encontramos Hostel de 40-100 reais p/ dia e em Hotéis a partir de 300 reais. Marina Bay Sands (O prédio das 3 torres) chega a 1.000 reais a diária. 😱😅 . ✅ Alimentação: Se quiser comer barato é FAST FOOD, um combo de sanduiche com batata e refri saindo uns 20-40 reais. Se for em restaurante (nem muito chique) fica mais ou menos uns 100 reais por refeição. 😱🙃 . ✅ Passeios: Aqui vai depender de você, mas vou colocar alguns preços… Maior roda gigante do mundo: 200 reais // Entrada nas duas estufas: 76 reais // Ponte no jardim: 22 reais. // Sky Park Marina Bay (Subir até o topo): 100 reais. Com esses valores dá pra ter uma noção né viajantes?! 😬😅 . OBS.: Quando eu digo que é caro, estou comparando com o sudeste asiático. Porque se for comparar com EUA e Europa, com certeza os valores batem de frente. 😅😰 . Agora me conta vocês, o que acharam de Singapura?! Marque um amigo aqui pra te levar pra essa cidade SUPER HIGH TECH 😱👇🏼👇🏼 . #DuckpackersEmSingapura #Singapura #Cingapura #ViajamosParaSempre #ViajamosTodoDia #Traveling #SouMochileiro #ViajarÉPreciso #MarinaBaySands #GardenByTheBay

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10) San Francisco, California
The Golden Gate Bridge, the cable cars, the Victorian houses are some of the popular spots of the Instagrammers.

11) Cappadocia, Turkey
A place that is truly stunning even without the hot air balloons. Also, the fairy chimneys at nearby Gorham National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with insane rock structures.

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Feel like I could fly right now! Just posted the Cappadocia video with hot air balloons, an underground cave city and a random local experience making wine! Link in profile 🎥🎈 . This is the 7th and final episode of my Travel Turkey GoPro vlog series. What an amazing time 😊 . This pic is from a secret photo spot I found on a vacant rooftop next to hostel! And yes I climbed a rickety ladder to get up there 👌🏽 . Do you like following a video series like I did for Turkey or prefer one-off videos? Planning some video ideas for the year ahead and would love your input! These were the first videos I made only for YouTube and not Facebook so still learning how the YT algorithms work!! . #cappadocia #cappadociaturkey #kapadokya #kapadokyaballoons #göreme #travelvlog #travelturkey #visitturkey #youtubeturkiye #travelgirl #videocreator #backpackersintheworld

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12) Petra, Jordan
This 2,000-year-old exchanging city was made renowned from Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade and is currently a famous hub for adventure photographers around the world.

13) Dubai, UAE
Dubai is the land of superlatives has no shortage of stunning shots. From the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa, the world’s most lavish hotel, the Burj Al Arab, and the world’s biggest man-made island, the Palm Jumeirah it has got everything.

14) Capetown, South Africa
Capetown is a standout amongst the most normally wonderful and photogenic places on earth. For the great photographs either take the cable car up to the Table Mountain for the shot sitting above the drift and Lion’s head.

15) Bali, Indonesia
UNESCO protected rice terraces, beautiful Hindu temples, stunning beaches, plus the island is also known for its yoga and meditation retreats.

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Day 29 of 30 Days of Bali Travel Tips! ~ Don't buy drugs in Bali. Indonesia is a country with very strict drug laws. The penalty for possession of class 1 drugs is 4 years to life imprisonment. And the penalty for drug trafficking can be death 😲 Despite the severe punishments drugs are still sold in Bali, especially around the Kuta area. As you walk down the street you might hear some guy whisper "shrooms?" or "marijuana?" Never buy drugs in Bali off the street like that. It's been said that undercover cops sometimes monitor these dealers and arrest tourists that buy from them. All in all, drug laws are not something to get involved in in a conservative country like Indonesia. It's better to party with a few rounds of Bintangs instead 😅🍻 ~ Have you ever travelled to a country with extreme laws like this? Let us know your favorite travel tips! 🤩 ~ Shot on Canon M50

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