Funny Pictures That Will Instantly Make Your Day

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Some days you just need a simple good laugh, and we guarantee these pictures will fill your heart with joy instantly and make you feel better. Some of them are strangely interesting and It only gets better from here.

“New year resolution – Spend more time with friends Jim, Jack, Johnnie and buster stuffy.”

“My body going into 2019 be like.”

“You got games on your phone?”

“Branch Manager and Assistant Branch Manager.”

“No wayyy. You did?!”

“It’s not “duck” dammit.”

“Ooo… who’s this hottie.”

“How broke are you?”

“Get a kid they said. It’ll be great they said.”

“They wouldn’t know.”

“I often see they use their pics for keyboard background.”

“Your routine before sleep.”

“When you are no more bachelor.”

credits: 9Gag

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