Netflix issues warning to not to try Bird Box Challenge

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2018 was incredible regarding the numerous challenges that shook over the Internet. Whether we talk from #Kikichallenge to #thesnootchallenge everyone of them got individuals to talk around. As the new year started, the Netzians also found something new to come up with, just like every time.

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At the point when Netflix’s new spine-chiller, Sandra Bullock thriller Bird Box, hit its subscriber at the end of December, the movie instantly grew famous. Reviews were at critical tepid.

After the first week of streaming, Netflix claimed that the film had been viewed by more than 45 million records in its initial seven days – making it the most famous original film the streaming service had ever published.

Another rage sparked by Netflix film ‘Bird Box’ has mopped the globe as fans attempt to make memes of it.

Individuals everywhere throughout the world have been holding up against the Bird Box challenge as the film keeps on breaking viewing records. Despite, as its popularity has grown so does the size of individuals has also gone up against the challenge, which the streaming service has regarded dangerous.

Let me tell you about Bird Box movie:

Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic movie where a family needs to go on a dangerous trip totally blindfolded to dodge from getting executed by a deadly beast that catches you through vision.

In any case, what is the Bird Box challenge and for what reason is it questionable?

The film’s fame encouraged fans to make the #BirdBoxChallenge, which consists of people living their everyday lives blindfolded just like in the movie. Whether it’s completing tasks or even just walking down the street or in their house, people are now documenting their experiences blindfolded.

People emulate characters in the film who must perform every task blindfolded, lest lurking monsters drive them to suicide.

However, the challenge has brought about damage, with individuals running into walls or hazardously near traffic. It has even led Netflix advising fans not to take up the challenge, telling them not to “end up in a hospital due to memes”.

Netflix tweeted from their official account:

Some people have even gone an entire 24 hours blindfolded trying to carry on an entirely typical day for “Bird Box Challenge”.
Therefore, we present to you a portion of the challenges taken up by the people. While they may appear to be amusing to us, but on the opposite side, they are as unsafe as they probably won’t appear to us.

Well, it wasn’t enough with the individuals around the world, when #birdboxchallenge even made it to a morning news talk show.

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