The Viral Challenge ‘#Trashtag’ Encouraging People to Clean Up Garbage

By March 13, 2019 No Comments

Social media is always expanding with new challenges. ‘Challenges’ are the current craze of netizens and they usually work in a very similar way.

Ultimately, a viral Internet challenge that is making the world a little bit of a superior place. #Trashtag, another viral challenge inspiring people to pick up litter worldwide and is developing positive awareness on social media.

The viral #Trashtag challenge, which has had thousands of individuals take an interest, is simple to finish: People can pick an area that is sunk with litter, clean up the waste, and post before and after photographs on Twitter, Instagram or any social platform.

With this challenge, people have made parks, beaches, streets, and outdoor spaces litter free and have brought issues to light about plastic pollution.

Because of the amazing response the campaign has received, individuals are getting encouraged and sharing great shots of the regions that they cleaned up.

From that point, #Trashtag started trending on Twitter and had individuals everywhere throughout the world cleaning up nature. The hashtag and the activity that follows it, has been around since no less than 2015.

Every one of these activities genuinely demonstrates what a difference can be made whether we as a whole simply do our part.

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